Top 6 Popular Destinations for a Honeymoon in Australia



Top 6 Popular Destinations for a Honeymoon in Australia

by Holxo Travel Specialist


Once you’ve said, ‘I do’ and had the wedding of your dreams, amidst hugs, joyful tears and congratulations, it’s time to bid goodbye to your wedding guests. You can breathe a sigh of relief as you step away from the pressure and stress of planning your big day. Now, it’s time for you and your newlywed to celebrate your love with a romance-filled holiday with a honeymoon in Australia, one of the most sought-after destinations for couples. 

Why Australia? The country is brimming with dense rainforests, thrilling cities and endless stretches of pristine coastline which offer a rich selection of the best honeymoon places in Australia. Whether you and your better half want to cherish each other’s company in a honeymoon suite, share a romantic picnic by the beach, indulge in extravagant dinners for two, enjoy romantic soaks in double spa baths or watch picture-perfect sunsets together, your Australia honeymoon will be one-of-a-kind and provide memories to last a lifetime.

Here we’ve compiled six destinations which display Australia at its best and make your romantic holiday in Australia an unforgettable experience, exactly like you wished for. All that’s left is to wake up in the arms of your partner as a married couple with the sound of the ocean and enjoy breakfast in bed.

Australia Regions Map
Australia Regions Map

1. The Great Barrier Reef - An underwater treasure 

What better way to celebrate your love than to be surrounded by the beautiful blue ocean and the fascinating environments of the Great Barrier Reef. Words can do no justice to the seventh natural wonder of the world. It’s private, serene, luxurious and beautiful, making it a paramount on most traveller’s bucket list.

The reef hugs the east coast of Queensland and its 1800-mile coastline extends all the way from Cape York to Bundaberg. The two million visitors who visit annually are left enchanted by the 1,500-plus species of fish, 600 islands and nearly 2900 coral reefs. In the north, Cairns is a short distance away from Cape York and one of the closest gateways. Cairns also offers a lot of activities like the Kuranda Scenic Railway. Further down south of the reef is where you can find Townsville, Whitehaven Beach and Hamilton Island.

With the entire island available at your expense, it’s one of the best places to visit in Australia for honeymoon. You can relax on the white sand beaches with your loved one, walk along the islands taking in the panoramic views of the cerulean waters, gaze at the animated marine life while snorkelling or tour different islands like Dunk Island, Heron Island, Lizard Island, the possibilities for exploration are limitless. Wherever you decide the Great Barrier Reef is a treasure trove of once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Whitsundays: Probably one of the most popular Great Barrier reef destinations is Whitsundays, Queensland. It presents the perfect honeymoon heaven for beach lovers. Located just off the Queensland coast, Whitsundays is home to an endless coastline, a mainland protected by the Great Barrier Reef, 74 islands and one of the top 5 beaches in the world. Whitehaven Beach is the most popular.

Travel aficionados and lovers will be in your element if your idea of a honeymoon in Australia comprises of the sun, sand and crystal-clear turquoise blue waters with a dash of adventure and a whole lot of relaxation. It’s easy to see why it’s one of the best romantic getaways in Australia. There’s nothing like you and your dear one unwinding on your own slice of paradise under the shade of swaying palm trees and letting the crashing waves be your soundtrack of the afternoon. But beyond the kaftans, cocktails and chilling, there’s plenty more to discover. Other things which will swoon your partner are an indulgent, intimate candlelight dinner, adventure activities like fishing, scuba diving, kayaking or a helicopter ride over Heart Reef.

Heart Reef
Heart Reef

If this is your idea of the perfect romantic holiday in Australia, then it’s time to book your tickets to this destination. It’s the perfect place and you’re with the perfect person - what more do you need? Get ready to lie on the beach and let everything go.

Hamilton Island: If you are looking for islands near Australia for honeymoon which is akin to heaven on Earth with emerald blue waters and complete seclusion, then hop on to Hamilton Island. It’s one of the Whitsunday islands that’s characterised by pristine beaches and is abound in animated, colourful marine life. With more than a fair share of romantic abodes, being one of the most popular Whitsunday Islands and great weather all year round, your honeymoon in Australia cannot get better than Hamilton Island.

While lying in the secluded environs by the emerald blue waters is one of the top attractions, other fun things include a helicopter ride above the Great Barrier Reef, a catamaran cruise ride to Whitehaven Beach, trekking up to the Passage Peak, snorkelling or diving to witness the beautiful corals and thriving marine life and enjoying adventure activities like paragliding, wakeboarding, kayaking and windsurfing.

Catseye Beach on Hamilton Island
Catseye Beach on Hamilton Island

2. Tasmania - Savour an exotic wildlife experience

Listed among Lonely Planet’s top 10 honeymoon islands, Tasmania cosily encloses the country’s best food and wine, cool lakes, epic mountains and adventurous hiking trails. Tasmania is popularly known for its besotting wildlife, lush tropical forests and its vast protected reserves. It’s easy to understand the allure of Australia’s small southernmost state.

Greens Beach, Tasmania
Greens Beach, Tasmania

Those looking for an Australia honeymoon itinerary that goes beyond the sun and sea then this is the place. Couples can holiday amidst rugged mountains, dominating landscapes and exotic views of greenery. It’s just a 20-minute drive from any of the major cities in a state for you to be biking down a gorgeous mountain, lounging on the beach or walking in the bush. As a couple you can also enjoy safari tours, hiking rainforest trails, a candlelight dinner at Boat Harbour or frolic through tulip fields, walk amidst the world’s tallest trees and catch the Aurora Australis. Few other interesting places to visit are Cradle Mountain, Marrawah, Wineglass Bay, Bay of Fires and Grindelwald.

3. Melbourne - Admire the dazzling city lights and skyline

Do you get a kick out of life? Love wine as much as each other? Prefer the outdoors? Savour gorgeous food? Appreciate art and design? If your answer to any of the questions was a loud and clear ‘yes’, then one of the best honeymoon places in Australia for you is Melbourne.

Flinders Street Railway Station, Melbourne

The perfect playground for road trippers, foodies, wildlife lovers and adventurers is compact and diverse Melbourne. Also known as Australia's culinary capital, within easy reach from the city are rugged coastlines, lush forests, alpine outlooks and remote beaches. You and your partner can hold hands while you wander through the wild and spot dolphins, seals, koalas and kangaroos or walk past beautiful old buildings, cafe-filled lanes or quaint alleys, either way, your honeymoon will be enchanting. Food enthusiasts can indulge in a variety of dining and winery options. Ultimately, wherever your honeymoon tour in Australia takes you, in Melbourne, you have everything you need for a lovey-dovey honeymoon.

4. Uluru - For the golden sunsets

The real heart of The Land Down Under is hiding far in the outback where the sun is blazing hot, the ground is red, the night sky is shining with a million stars and people live in harmony with the land. Uluru is also called as Ayers Rock and is the spiritual heart of Australia. The red rock rising up from the desert commands the landscape with its striking profile.

Ayers Rock
Ayers Rock

Here, the fascinating culture, ancient landscapes and beautiful sunrise and sunsets are just a few reasons to visit Uluru during your honeymoon in Australia. The ‘Australian Red Centre’ is the perfect escape for honeymooners as it offers a more spiritual and secluded experience.

Whether you and your loved one want to watch the sunrise with a glass of bubbly and witness your surrounding landscape change colours and glow in a vibrant red or walk hand in hand at the breathtaking art installation Field of Light or enjoy a sunset dinner under the gorgeous night sky of Uluru, Australia’s spiritual centre will win your heart on your honeymoon.

On your honeymoon here, you and your better half will connect with nature and amidst a scenic panorama, enjoy some privacy.

Since Uluru is in the Northern Territory, from places like Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne the fastest way to reach is by plane. You can reach Connellan Airport from all major cities. If you are closer, then driving is a beautiful option.   

5. The Hunter Valley - Greenery and vineyards galore

A favourite of every Sydneysider, Hunter Valley is surrounded by verdant valleys and dozens of vineyards. It’s the perfect weekend getaway from Sydney and a pleasant car drive which takes about three and a half hours. For honeymooners, it presents a tranquil environment where all you will want to do with your better half is cosy up inside a cabin, watch the magnificent scenery outside and sip on local quality wine.

Hunter Valley
Hunter Valley

It’s a great escape from the hustle and bustle of vacation life in Sydney during your honeymoon in Australia. With ample fine wine, boutique beer, gourmet restaurants, olives, cheese and chocolate, you name it and you’ll find it here. 

The best part is that there are over 150 wineries; you’re spoilt for choice. They’re also welcoming of novices. Most of the vineyards offer free tasting as well! 

While the touristy side of Hunter Valley is scoffed at by locals, there are also other things to indulge in like hot air balloon rides, open concerts and horse riding that you and your partner can enjoy. Keep in mind, the summer is very hot and hence, it’s best enjoyed in the cooler months - like its shiraz.  

6. Fraser Island - Endless coastlines, adventure and relaxation 

Stretching over 120km, and 300km north of Brisbane, there’s no denying the majesty of Fraser Island. There’s something magical about stepping foot on Fraser Island. With its crystal-clear freshwater lakes, towering old-growth forests, bountiful wildlife and wild untamed beaches, it seems otherworldly. Home to the most famous resident, the dingo, this UNESCO-listed island which offers best wilderness adventures in Australia when you’re on your honeymoon in Australia.

 Fraser Island
Fraser Island

If you want to crank up the adventure factor, then you can choose to explore the island on your own. But due to the lack of roads and as it’s tough to reach, it’s best to organize a tour to here from the mainland.

With literally endless stretches of coastline, there’s no thinking twice as to why you should honeymoon here.   


With an exotic travel destination such as Australia, there’s no stress. It’s easy to enjoy a romantic trip for two. Ultimately, it’s your honeymoon in Australia and you can play it by your rules. Whether you want a bit of adventure, some gastronomic experiences or a whole lot of relaxation, tell us what you want and we’ll serve you the best possible.


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