Independence Day: Choose Freedom of Travel



Independence Day: Choose Freedom of Travel

by Holxo Travel Specialist


With Independence Day just around the corner, there’s a great sense of freedom that dawns upon us. Keeping in line with this surge of independence, there’s a new notion of freedom each individual ought to consider. It’s none other than the freedom of travel.

Yes, you’ve read it right. To travel alone is to explore the world from a new perspective. You have no restrictions or latches to keep you from unravelling the mysteries of the world at your own pace and time. In other words, you alone call the shots.

Travelling in groups has its own perks. The company of near and dear ones is great. But nothing beats the thrill and adventure of travelling solo.

If you seek to escape your hectic schedule and mundane life, here’s a list of iconic destinations that will guarantee a memorable solo trip.

1. Indonesia

Indonesia has a reputation for whisking away travellers to a paradisiacal tropical getaway. From unperturbed sandy beaches to rugged volcanic craters, there’s many a wonder to explore. If you’re alone ranger looking for some peace and quiet amidst nature’s bounty, Indonesia is just your ticket. Unwind in a quiet corner of the sun-kissed coast and experience it for yourself.

When in Indonesia, travelling solo is also an exciting journey. You can either go island hopping, discovering its palm-fringed shores and verdant jungles or you can bring out the party animal in you by checking out the exuberant nightlife. For the adventure junkies, there is an array of adrenaline-pumping activities like trekking, bungee jumping, scuba diving, etc. All in all, for a thoroughly exciting experience, this spectacular country is safe and the perfect getaway for solo travellers.

Why choose Indonesia as a destination for your Solo Trip: Since Indonesia is a destination which is wildly popular amidst tourists for a while now, it’s absolutely safe. The locals are welcoming, the place is easy to get around and there is no major violence. Keep an eye out for petty crimes in crowded areas.

Tanah Lot Temple, Bali
Tanah Lot Temple, Bali

2. Italy

Italy is a complex amalgamation of rich history with just the right amount of modernism. From its distinct architecture to the joie de vivre shared through its culture and traditions, it is a truly mesmerizing country to explore. In fact, Italy is a country that has something for everyone. Whether it’s discovering the ancient roman history, admiring Renaissance art or indulging in delectable Italian cuisine, there’s plenty of opportunities to keep you occupied.

Why choose Italy as a destination for your Solo Trip: The locals are friendly and are always ready to lend a helping hand when in need. Additionally, if you’re travelling alone, getting around isn’t a hassle with the well-established infrastructure and transport facilities


3. New York

New York is a destination that will take you through an adventure beyond your wildest imagination. The sheer volume and hype of the Big Apple is often overwhelming for every traveller. Nevertheless, it’s the bustling traits and whirlwind of activity that attract scores of solo travellers to this metropolis.

New York has one too many landmarks that every tourist must visit to make one’s trip complete. From the world-famous Statue of Liberty to the vibrant streets of Times Square, there is so much to explore. Just strap on your boots and get lost in the crowds in 'the city that never sleeps'.

Why choose NY as a destination for your Solo Trip: Don’t worry, although a crowded city, this city is extremely safe. Not only information booths but the police are around every nook and corner which makes it a solo traveller-friendly city. Plus, the well-connected subway system makes getting around a breeze. Although locals are busy with their own agenda, you don’t need help. A map is sufficient for guidance. Plus, no matter the time of day, there are always people around. After all, it’s known as ‘the city that never sleeps.’

Rockefeller Center, New York

4. Hong Kong

Being able to meander through bustling cities by foot is often regarded as a traveller’s dream. Hong Kong is such a destination where travelling alone is the best way to cover more ground with ease. Especially when some of its most surprising treasures are hidden gems tucked away in the corners of the unexplored parts.

This Asian powerhouse has earned its spot on the map for the incredible metropolis it is. But beyond the soaring skyline and stunning Victoria Harbour lies the treasure chest of fishing villages, secluded islands, and sprawling mountain ranges. Embarking on a solo trip will take you through these magnificent treasures that will leave you wanting more.

Why choose Hong Kong as a destination for your Solo Trip: Overall, Hong Kong is a non-violent city and safe for solo travellers. Being one of the most visited cities in the world, the locals are used to having travellers around. With the easy availability of efficient transportation, getting around is a piece of cake. You can hop into a taxi or ride the train. Petty crimes are common so just keep an eye for the same.  

Victoria Harbour Hong Kong
Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

5. Switzerland

Nestled in the lap of the glorious Alps, Switzerland is a destination that will inspire you to travel more. This country is tranquillity personified. For the rather placid traveller, Switzerland is an ideal getaway. It’s nothing short of a peaceful escape from the humdrum of everyday activity. As you sip on hot cocoa while overlooking the panoramic beauty of the mountains or ski down the snowy slopes, there’s a refreshing experience that no other place can guarantee. There are plenty of activities you might want to partake in. So, make sure you keep an eye out on your expenses if you are on a tight budget.

Why to choose Switzerland as a destination for your Solo Trip: It’s ranked as one of the safest countries in the world, so you have nothing to fear. Violent crimes are unheard of, however, with the surge of tourists, petty crimes are on the rise so keep your belongings close to you at all times. Overall, security measures are meticulously taken by the government to ensure the utmost safety.     


6. New Zealand

Blessed with a diverse array of natural features, New Zealand is a cornucopia of natural beauty. Some may call it a paradise for adventure seekers. Whether you’re into thrilling water sports or thrilling adventure activities, this country does not disappoint. Skydive amidst lush plains, mountain bike through craggy trails or simply soak in the sun on the golden sands of its many beaches. Its rugged topography caters to the needs of every kind of traveller. If you’re travelling alone, you’re more likely to explore these wonders thoroughly. So, gear up for an adventure of a lifetime in New Zealand.

Why choose New Zealand as a destination for your Solo Trip: Solo travelling in this country is easy and safe. The down to earth people adds to the experience. Moreover, if you do your research and take the necessary safety measures, you can avoid any threats.

Queenstown, New Zealand
Queenstown, New Zealand

7. Netherlands

Travelling solo can be a daunting task. Despite this, you will find exploring Netherlands all on your own a very rewarding experience. Not only is it safe, but it is also a very welcoming place in terms of the locals. It’s surprisingly very easy to strike up conversations with locals who are extremely helpful and quite accommodating. Seeking a company here will be the least of your worries.

While embarking on a solo trip in the Netherlands, you’ll have ample opportunities to broaden your horizons. Every city features a distinct trait that’ll leave you intrigued and inspired. From its old-fashioned architecture to the thriving nightlife, there is plenty to keep you occupied. Just grab hold of a cycle or hop on to a motorboat to explore the Netherlands like never before.

Why choose the Netherlands as a destination for your Solo Trip: Compared to other parts of Europe, the Netherlands is a very safe country. It’s ranked 16th in the list of the world’s safest countries. The locals are very, very friendly and always ready to lend a helping hand. The only thing to watch out for like other countries is petty crime like pickpockets in crowded areas. Other than that, it’s very safe for solo travellers.      


8. Vietnam

Vietnam is no stranger to the ever-growing tourist crowd. Cheap, vibrant and impeccably stunning, this pristine country is a tropical getaway for solo travellers. It’s the perfect destination for backpackers who want to venture onto the off-beaten path. This includes wandering around local markets, strolling through lush paddy fields or simply enjoying a cozy afternoon on a quiet beach. On the contrary, for travellers who want a tour of the cultural heritage of the country, the old towns entrenched with intriguing history are great places to explore. With inexpensive food and reasonably priced accommodation, it’s an ideal place for those tourists on a tight budget.

Why choose Vietnam as a destination for your Solo Trip: Being a popular tourist destination, there are laid out trails, itineraries, and routes which you as a solo traveller can follow. This makes the process much easier. Along with this, the locals are warm and friendly. Again, petty crime risks are present. Besides that, there’s nothing very serious.

Hoi An
Hoi An

9. Austria

Planning to escape to a parallel universe? Austria is the best place to navigate as a solo traveller. The variety of things to see, places to discover and activities to do will drive the boredom out of you. Whether it’s a stroll through the quiet streets of Salzburg or Vienna, where you will witness the historical heritage of Austria, all along the way, you will discover a side of Austria which you’ve never seen. No matter what you do, Austria guarantees a unique and thoroughly satisfying experience.

The cities are easy to navigate through, the crime rate is low and it’s an incredibly stunning country, a winning combination for solo travellers. 

Why choose Austria as a destination for your Solo Trip: Again, another country which is ranked 3rd in the safest countries in the world, Austria is the perfect destination for solo travellers. The key to a safe trip is following rules and always keeping an eye on all your belongings. If you follow this, you’ll have a great trip.   


10. River Cruise in Europe

There is no better way to soak in the natural beauty and rich culture than on a river cruise in the most cost-effective way. If you’re travelling alone, it’s a spectacular opportunity to unravel the myriad treasures of this country and meet fellow travellers. As opposed to the typical bus tours or walking tours, a river cruise is a unique way to catch a glimpse of wonders that you wouldn’t typically observe.

As you swiftly float across serene rivers such as the Danube and Rhine, bask in the tranquillity of the surrounding environs. With many a stop at medieval towns, these cruises also allow you ample time to explore the towns at your own leisure. Experience multiple destinations, plan your days as you please and get more time at each destination, along with indulging in unique and fun activities.

It’s time for you to begin your journey.

If you are new to solo travelling, you’ll find the experience self-indulgent.

It’s a trip for learning - you can make mistakes, learn from them, triumph over victories, rest when you want, laze around or go trekking - there are no rules, you make them as you go along.

All in all, it’s an experience which you must encounter at least once in your life.

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