Best Areas to Stay in Barcelona



Best Areas to Stay in Barcelona

by Holxo Travel Specialist


The endless azure blue of the calm Mediterranean Sea, the golden sun-kissed beaches, the warmth of the blazing sun, the buzzing crowd at the tapas bars, you just cannot ignore the beauty of Barcelona, the capital city of Spain. Home to over four million people of different cultures and nationalities who speak over 20 different languages, Barcelona is also Spain’s second largest city and the second most populated city of Europe. Football-lovers will surely know that it also boasts of one of the world’s best football teams – Barcelona FC. Let's explore the best areas to Stay in Barcelona in this Barcelona travel guide.

A conglomeration of the old and the new, Barcelona attracts millions of tourists’ every year. Apart from being a city with great weather, it is located on the coast and has pristine sandy shores stretching for miles and miles altogether and thereby making it a hit among travellers from across the world. While the best way to explore the city is on a bike, the metro and bus services are also convenient modes of transport here.

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Best Areas to Stay in Barcelona for the First Time Visitor

Relax and enjoy the laidback setting

When it comes to the best place to Stay in Barcelona, Barcelonta (also known as La Barcelonta), with its beautiful beach that goes by the same name, is the first choice of many families who travel here. With a number of apartments available on rent and also a range of hotels to choose from, the area has a mini market too with choice groceries and supplies. The beach is one of the most happening parts of this town where one can relax and watch the sun go down while enjoying a meal of delicious tapas, aioli and fresh fish (paella) with a drink.


Best Areas to Stay in Barcelona for Families

Another popular area among families is Las Ramblas, which has five boulevards and looks mesmerising at night. Adding a touch of green to a bustling metropolis is the Parc de la Ciutadella (which is often compared to New York’s Central Park). With its row boats and fountains, this place will take you to a magical land. Yet another must-visit places to see in Barcelona is Plaça Catalunya with its large central square that is full of fountains, sculptures and grass verges.

The lush green Collserola Hills, which are a little away from the city centre, are ideal for hiking, mountain biking and the view. There is also the Montjuïc that showcases amazing gardens and museums.

las ramblas

Best Areas to Stay in Barcelona for Sightseeing

Walking down memory lane

For history and art-buffs, there is plenty to dig into as Barcelona is a city rich in history and is almost 2000 years old! As you walk through the city’s peaceful lanes on a hot sunny day, you can admire the beauty and precision of the many temple towers, stone corridors and age-old walls that have stood the test of time. Before you head to your hotel for a Spanish siesta, check out other Barcelona tourist attractions like the ancient architectural wonders like the Gothic Quarter, the Barcelona Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia, Plaça del Rei and The Palau Reial Major. Works of the architect and designer, Antoni Gaudi who started the Art Nouveau movement in Spain, can be spotted at many of the recognised landmarks too.

Best Barcelona Neighborhood for Nightlife & Shopping

Seafront of Port Olympic

While most neighbourhoods in the city have their own hotspots, Port Olympic has some of the most popular nightclubs in the city. A long stretch gleaming with lights and life, Port Olympic has some fantastic upmarket restaurants and during the summer is famous for its boat parties too. Where you can live it up with DJs, barbeques and beers!

Barcelona is a city that never sleeps and party people can have the time of their lives here.

port olympic

Best Barcelona Neighborhood for a Local Vibe

For a brush with the local culture especially the Catalan culture, head to Gracia which has a number of old-world boutiques and charming restaurants. You can enjoy the best of Catalan culture here including the Sardana dance, the national dance of Catalonia, on Sundays.


So as you take a quiet walk across the Mediterranean, or enjoy a glass of wine with a sumptuous Spanish meal, don’t forget to take a deep breath and discover that you are in one of the most enchanting cities of the world, ‘Barna’, ‘Barca’ as the locals fondly refer to Barcelona, the capital city of Spain.


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