Experience the best holidays in Switzerland!



Experience the best holidays in Switzerland!

by Holxo Travel Specialist


For years Switzerland has dominated much of our travel dreams: from the insane valleys of pure serene beauty to the vast expanses of snowcapped mountains, Switzerland is Europe's worst kept secret, but one that everyone wants to know about. What is it about holidays in Switzerland that has the whole world on its knees? So, Switzerland has a reputation for being expensive, but hey, most amazing experiences are and with Switzerland, rest assured that there's huge value for the money you'll be spending because care is taken to make sure that you're only going to have THE BEST time of your life. You want to further clarify this statement?

Go off for holidays in Switzerland, RIGHT NOW. But wait; let us tell you why it's going to be your best vacation ever!

  • One word - Beauty: If we can say so ourselves, there's not much in this world that will leave a lasting impression on your minds the way Switzerland does. After all, there must be some reason why Bollywood is always romancing to the natural beauty of Switzerland. The air is so crisp and fresh that it just makes you want to lie still on the purple green grasslands and roll away to infinity! Also, THERE'S SNOW!
  • For the romance: Switzerland has built quite the reputation for being the perfect romantic getaway and the country has made sure it adapts to its name. Resorts and hotels and home stays in Switzerland have specialized in honeymoon holidays so much that they've made sure you'll experience holidays in Switzerland within the four walls of your room!
  • Oh Sweet!: With great romantic getaways comes great amount of chocolates and if you've been in this world long enough, you'd know that Switzerland is home to some of the oldest luxury chocolate factories that date back to over 150 years ago! We're sure you'll need some of that aphrodisiac loving on your romantic getaway!
  • The hot and the cold of it: Jumping into a pool of water in what sounds like a country of snow may make you a little apprehensive. But, what if we tell you that there are thermal hot springs all over the country that's just begging you to soak in it? Imagine soaking in all this thermal goodness with the captivating mountains for view!
  • Forget time but see how it's made: It's easy to have lost track of your time on your brilliant holidays in Switzerland, but this is just the place to see how some of the most amazing timepieces in the world are made. Yes, it is incorrigibly expensive, but you'd still have some value for your time spent just watching!
  • Adventure time: So Switzerland is famous for chocolates, hot springs, super expensive watches, snow, and ADVENTURE SPORTS. The world comes to Switzerland to para-glide over some of the most stunning mountains you'll ever see. So while this is a guaranteed to do thing, it will take your holidays in Switzerland experience a few notches higher.
  • Escape the crowd: When you're on holidays in Switzerland, it can be a little dampening to see large throngs of people everywhere (something we are constantly looking to escape from). Switzerland has just the solution for it in the form of the many farm stays that will let you have a swig of peace in a perfectly European rural setting.
  • Picture it: Some of the most beautiful postcards are set against the beautiful landscape of Switzerland and if you're a trigger happy person, you'll have plenty of places where you can take pictures worth sharing as postcards, world over!
  • Say Cheese! Hot melting cheese that will stick like a magnet to your spoon in runny goodness accompanied by more cheese and meats of every imagination. We're drooling, are you? The food experience in Switzerland is like a holiday in itself. Oh Cheese!
  • Safety is the word: Nothing can spoil a holiday like panicking about the safety of your things and of yourself. Switzerland puts all those fears to rest because they have very negligible crime rates and we have figures to prove it...it ranks as the seventh best country in the world to live in. So all in all, it sounds like the best holiday you'll ever have!

The ‘Land of Milk and Honey’ awaits you!


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