Your Ten Point Must-Eat List in Greece!



Your Ten Point Must-Eat List in Greece!

by Holxo Travel Specialist


Holiday recommendations can be a very boring task to write about, especially when you have to deal with the question of “why.” Say, for example, why should you go for Greece holidays? Ideally because you've never been there before and trust us, it will be an unforgettable experience. If you want to know why, further, then we'd say that it’s because you've been there and done that and you need to do it all over again. See the white stone colonies, the endless stretch of seas, the alcoves, and all that. OR ELSE, you need to simple eat your way around Greece. Greece tourist attractions are nothing if you miss their delectable cuisine.

Food is hard to miss in the picturesque Greek islands because you'll be hit by the aromas of food cooking in every nook of every Greek city. Traveling is one thing, but if you need to experience culture on your Greece tour packages, then you must make inroads to it by eating all that you can see in front of you (everything edible, let's specify!).

So, let us give you a list of Greek food you should definitely polish off with your taste buds in Greece tourist places!

  • Loukoumades: Every adventure should begin on a sweet note, especially one where food is the main quest. We believe that desserts should be eaten first and your first bite into this chewy goodness will make you believe the same. Loukoumades are the Greek cousins to American donuts, but a lot more refined without the flour and with some amazing sugar and cinnamon syrup!
  • Vanilla Submarine: Since we were talking about sweets, Vanilla Submarine is a sweet overload, but the best dessert for those who can handle any amount of sweetness. This odd dessert comes with a vanilla lollipop like fondant that is washed down with a glass of syrupy water! Sounds sweet, doesn't it?
  • Halvasi: Halvasi is what the Indian Halwa wishes to be. This healthy version of Halwa is baked rather than fried in oil and it's made out of semolina with toasted pine nuts, almonds, and raisins along with a healthy dollop of molasses or vanilla ice-cream. So we're still on the sweet trail!
  • Glyka Tou Koutaliou: Looks like we won't be moving away from desserts for a while, but here's the next one on the list. What do you feel about cream cheese served with gajar ka halwa? It may sound unappetizing, but these spoon sweets are the true life definitions of melt in your mouth!
  • Pies of Kythnos: Just when we thought we had seen the last of the desserts! There's a saying which goes, “everything tastes better when it's fried.” We agree completely especially where cheesecake is concerned. Correction, cheesecake with honey oozing out of it is concerned!
  • The Greek Salad: Since we're done looking at sweets, let's go for a healthier option here. The Greeks do Greek salad better than anyone else only because their pride in the dish makes sure that they serve only the freshest, juiciest, and crunchiest of vegetables with the creamiest of fetas and the most amazing of dressings!
  • Tiropita: More power to fried things! Tiropitas are thin filo triangles fried to a golden brown with an ooze of mixed Greek cheese greeting you at every bite. These little goodies are always the right choice for any meal of the day!
  • Moussaka: Here's the healthy cousin of the Italian Lasagna made out of layers of sautéed eggplant with minced meat, grilled tomatoes, fried garlic, onions and a generous drizzle of olive oil. Moussaka leaves you full, but with an extra appetite for all desserts that Greece has to offer!
  • Revithokefetedes: This will probably be the unhealthiest thing you could ever eat in Greece, but it is largely on the healthier chickpea side. Just that it's fried and eaten with a variety of Greek dips, let's say a Greek cousin to the Arabian Falafel.
  • Tzatziki: This list would be truly incomplete without naming Tzatziki as a must-eat in Greece. Like most things in the Greek cuisine, Tzatziki is a healthy dip made out of whipped Greek yogurt and cucumber, seasoned with garlic and crackling salt and it is eaten best with anything and everything!


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