Ten Things to Do While Holidaying in Croatia!



Ten Things to Do While Holidaying in Croatia!

by Holxo Travel Specialist


When you're thinking about a European vacation, you're probably thinking France or Italy or let's say The United Kingdom. Well yes, these are reasonably good choices, but if you want to bring out the real interpret traveler in you, you must think of Europe in an offbeat way. And, to help you with the same, you have Holidaying in Croatia, nestled in the fortunately less crowded part of Europe where they take tourism very, very seriously.

You can enjoy the beautiful vineyards of Italy, the creamiest of cheeses France boasts of and mind-blowing grasslands and seas at half the rates that these aforementioned countries offer them for in Croatia. What's more? Croatia is Europe's eternal spring with over 2600 hours of sunshine, making it the perfect summer getaway where you can enjoy the sunshine without roasting in the heat! So let us break it down to the ten things TO DO in Croatia!

Church of St Euphemia, Rovinj

Let's start your Holidaying in Croatia tour on a holy note by paying this church a visit. What makes this church slightly offbeat is that it is in fact a tomb of the patron Saint Euphemia who was tortured for her Christianity by the Emperor before she was thrown to the lions. This eerily beautiful church demands your first attention for being one of the most stunning baroque buildings as well as for the fascinating story behind its construction! 

Church of St Euphemia
Church of St Euphemia

Lokrum, near Dubrovnik

For your entire Game of Thrones obsession, you must pay this Island your deepest obeisance. Currently, the whole hype of Lokrum is its relationship with Game of Thrones, but it is most famous for its stunning expanse of olive groves, crystal-clear lakes which are A+ for swimming and also the nude beaches that has people thronging to in large numbers for all the obvious reasons! 


Roman Amphitheater, Pula

So you want to see the Colosseum, but you do not want to incur the added expense of traveling to Italy for it. What could you do instead? Head over to the Roman Amphitheater at Pula which is an almost exact replica of the Colosseum!

Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb

This one is our personal favorite because it sounds absolutely nonsensical. It's a beautifully ridiculous place to explore for all the old vinyl records lovelorn teenagers listened to after a breakup and the cutest mementos from a thriving relationship that didn't survive the test of time. If you're on a romantic holidaying in Croatia, we would totally recommend this place 100%.

Kukuriku, Kastav

Is a restaurant you must go to, to literally surprise your taste buds because they don't believe in menus. Pick your protein and budget and have all the local delicacies presented to you, the way Croatians would want you to eat them!

Sun Salutation, Zadar

Croatia has some of the wackiest architectural ideas that will blow any mortal human being's mind. This beauty right here, houses glass plates that reflect sunlight, producing some really trippy naturally occurring lightshows from sunrise to sunset. What's even more brilliant is that it stores all the solar energy which is then used to power the whole harbor front!

Sea Organ, Zadar

From the creator of the Sun Salutation comes another stunning piece of work in the form of a promenade. An intricate system of pipes and whistles set within the perforated staircases of the promenade makes music every time a wave hits it. You can also swim in the sea to the sound of the music from this point- never a dull moment when you choose holidaying in Croatia! 

Sea Organ
Sea Organ

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Eleven lakes in a single National Park may sound impossible. Free boats and buses may sound more impossible especially for a European country. But guess what? Croatia has taken special consideration of all those people who want to enjoy the crystal-clear lakes and waterfalls that has schools of fish waiting to welcome any friendly visitor!

Obonjon Island

Any Indian would fight to see an area that operates under a strict no car policy (yes, it's possible!). What's insane about this place is it incorporates the views of the stunning Adriatic sea with month long cultural programs and music fests that are, surprise surprise, mostly free!

Zlatni Rat

This has turned into a poster boy for Croatia, one look at this stunning place will tell you exactly why. This stunning beach has calm blue waters and the whitest of sands you could ever imagine. If it's on a poster, it should be on your Holidaying in Croatia travel list too!

If you're excited for Holidaying in Croatia, nothing beats our Treasures of Croatia tour package!

Go Croatia!


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