Top Ten Experiences in Hong Kong



Top Ten Experiences in Hong Kong

by Holxo Travel Specialist


Holidays are always so much nicer when they come affordable and nothing spells affordable luxury the way Hong Kong does. There is something so futuristic about Hong Kong Hong Kong activities and it's great that you can experience it all out there for any budget. Hong Kong takes care of its travelers by only handing them the best time, irrespective of what they've paid for.

Hong Kong also serves up a complete Chinese, Cantonese, Sichuanese, Japanese, French and whatever you name it-nese experience through food, cultural performances, architecture and more. Food definitely forms the heart of anything and everything you can experience in Hong Kong. And the party scene is also tight and you definitely have a whale of a time while in Hong Kong.

So you’re heading to Hong Kong and let's map out the Top Ten Hong Kong experiences for you while you are here:

  • Eat everything and anything: So since we're on about food, let us inform you that Hong Kong is the hub for the mother of all food challenges. From eating jumbo-sized portions of amazing dishes to facing your worst nightmares on plate, Hong Kong activities have it all. Best is, finishing the challenge will definitely get you a reward even if it means you have to confront eating chicken feet momos, drinking snake soup or eating something that smells so suspicious! But, the food is still amazing and the whole idea behind these challenges is that you grow to respect every culture and its food habits and discover a new cuisine and newer taste!
  • Go on a foodie tour: Any trip is not complete without a gastronomical tour. So, a food tour in Hong Kong is a must! And it is better to go on a Hello Hong Kong foodie tour that caters to beginners or the uninitiated. You not only savor dim sums, noodles, and soups. But you also learn to eat it the way it should be eaten. So, it’s not only a palate tickling journey but a lot of learning too about local culture and cuisine. This sumptuous among all Hong Kong activities is definitely a savoring experience!
  • Float and eat at Shun Kee: So while we may be familiar with the concept of eating on boats, we may not quite be familiar with the idea of a floating restaurant that spans over many, many boats. The amazing thing about this restaurant is that while it gives an ambiance of modernity, the food they serve here is absolutely local and rustic. If you're traveling Hong Kong points of interest for food, this is one thing you shouldn't miss doing!
  • Street parties: If it's a weekend in Hong Kong, then it's a weekend you should definitely not spend inside your hotel room. Hong Kong activities include crazy street parties that showcase its work hard party harder culture by breaking all norms of decorum and modesty. Street drinking challenges are in rows and you'll see artists inking on the streets and people dancing to all the pop songs you can name.
  • Temple Street Market: This is one place you must visit after going all out partying during the weekends because it's an altogether different experience of sorts. Especially when you're not so sober! If you can think of the most absurd thing ever in your head, chances are that you can buy it at this Hong Kong best places, Temple Street Market. The tarot card readers are another main attraction but let's not leave out the innumerable push carts selling some interesting stuff!
  • The beach experience: Taking a trip to the beach is one that should sober you up after a weekend of heavy-duty partying. You'd be surprised to know that a two-hour drive away from the skyscraping madness will take you to a group of Islands called the Sai Kung County Park which is picture perfect in all its appeal - make it a must-visit places to visit in Hong Kong while there.
  • Examine the skyline: For more touristier Hong Kong activities; you could go up Peak Gallery and see the city coming alive right underneath your feet. This is also a great way to test your fear of heights but rest assured that it's all safe!
  • Make a wish: Okay. This may seem like the touristiest thin to do, but trust us Lam Tsuen is a place you definitely need to visit, to catch a glimpse of the magnificent twin trees famous for granting wishes.
  • The God's trail: As the saying goes, everything broken and everything more will definitely find its way back home. This is a trail of all the broken idols of many deities and Buddhas that have been dismembered from their homes. A man started collecting these abandoned idols and now it's a street full of them and what a sight it is!
  • Hello Kitty eat-y: Since we started on food, let's end on food. Love, Hello Kitty? Then you should probably check out the Hello Kitty cuisine which has foods made in the shape of this famed Japanese character!

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