The Experience of a Lifetime - Blissful Bali



The Experience of a Lifetime - Blissful Bali

by Holxo Travel Specialist


All the people that come to me have never left without any memories. I, Bali have heard this a lot. That I am, perhaps, the most extraordinary land that is stuffed with goodness in great capacity. In me reside simple people who have safeguarded my great culture and tradition. I couldn’t have wished for more. And yes, I know, as a place, I have been blessed with a lot. A single Bali Indonesia package tour may please you but you'll yearn to return. Soon.  

What I, Bali have in store for you

I have a lot of natural attractions for you to see. So, apart from what I quite naturally have, you can see my great culture that my people here practice. So when you come visit me, you will see the most beautiful temples, welcoming you with bells, which is so peaceful. And this will create such a kind of longing in you and in Portuguese, it is known as saudade.

Picturesque locales – Perfectly designed hotels and resorts

My people are humble and generally very nice. My people, and also the nice people from outside, have created some of the most beautiful places for you to stay and live in. The hotels and resorts that I have, are all built with great views that will let you dream more. Every sunrise paints a new picture and every single bright day on your Bali Indonesia package tour offers you great adventures and many holiday things to do. I am welcoming, and I get to see a lot of tourists’ around the year. If you are the kind that likes to sunbathe, relax with a book and a drink privately, then I have for you some private beaches and attractive spots in between lush green forests that you will fall in love with.

While on a Bali Indonesia package tour, what you should do

You must come see Purah Tanah Lot, a temple built on a small island by the sea. Being one of the most sacred of all temples, it is very popular among locals and tourists’.

tanah lot

You can trek to the summit of Mt. Batur. The view is spectacular. It overlooks the serene Lake Batur. And what a view!

mt batur

Once here, you will never ever want to leave the little beach town of Padangbai. Loaded with fresh air, the best of blue waters and small cafes, it’s beautiful!

Add to your collection of Bali Indonesia package tour memories by visiting the Tirta Gangga and Taman Ujung Water Palaces. Also enjoy the vast green lands of Jatiluwih and its rice terraces.

Watch the sun setting into the waters at Lovina. Go diving into the waters of Gili Gede. Check out the Gitgit Waterfall also. Come to Mt. Agnus and the Pura Lempuyang temple. And you see all this you will say it is all so wonderful. Of all the things that I hold so close to me, these are some must-see places.

Satiate the hunger pangs

What is it I don’t have when it comes to food? You should try the dessert Pisang Goreng, or try Mie Goreng, and try the local rice specialty, Nasi Goreng. Walk around the streets and discover the many eateries serving the best of meals.

nasi goreng

The Indonesian cuisine foods made by my people is delectable, heavenly and exquisite.

As a Bali Indonesia package tour, this is what I have to offer.

Your ultimate dreams of travel will meet its destiny in me. The dream of spending time with your beloved on a sandy beach with the moonlight on you is the best romantic experience. If you want to travel alone, then I have a lot to offer, come visit me, you will be happy. I’ll show you some good time the moment you enter my magnificent land.

For I’m not your getaway, I’m not your vacation; I’m not even the holiday you always wanted to be. I’m an experience. For a lifetime! And many lifetimes after! So! What are you waiting for?

Come see me soon! Come! Visit me, stay with me, experience me, and enjoy me to your heart’s content!

Love, Bali!


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