Taste Exotic Wines of France



Taste Exotic Wines of France

by Sayali Goyal


A visit to the South of France holiday destinations wouldn’t be complete without sampling some wine. Red, white or sparkling there’s a limitless variety of wine in the South of France to improve your knowledge, explore some vineyards and taste some truly classics at festivals and tasting events. Whether you’re looking to delve into the rich and fascinating history of winemaking, live like a true French wine connoisseur or just stock up on a few quality bottles to take back home, our wine experience in best places to visit in France is a must.

Wine Tours in South of France holiday destinations are leading provider of Gastronomic tourism in the regions of the Languedoc-Roussillon & Midi-Pyrenees. Great team of local artisans, chefs and winemakers who together make the South & Southwest one of the best-kept secrets of French cuisine. Often food & history tours in the Languedoc and Midi-Pyrenees can be clubbed with the wine experience

According to a France travel guide, some popular festivals for wine lovers are Les Primeurs d’Oc Festival in Beziers, Salon des Vignerons et de la Gastronomie in Marseille, Salon Vin et Terriers in Toulouse, Fête des Vins et Montgolfiades in Duras, all offering a huge variety of food and wine, which attracts over 400 wine producers and champions the most delicious tastes of the Mediterranean.

If looking for a more bespoke trip to France holiday destinations, visiting vineyards is an option. Domaine Les Cascades, Languedoc is relatively small vineyard comprising of only six acres, and all the wine is organic, fertilised with the help of the owner’s pets donkey and sheep. Domaine Treloar, Roussillon, has an impressive range of wines to choose from that changes year-on-year, the wines produced by British vintner Jonathan Hesford are found on the tables of Michelin-star restaurants throughout the world, and are reputedly the best in the region.

Chateau de Beaucastel, Provence is a name that will forever be associated with fine wines, and Chateau de Beaucastel is one of the must-visit wineries in the region. You can taste 10 of their Grand Vin wines. Chateau la Canorgue, Provence now run by the fifth generation of the same family forbids any form of chemical in the production of their wines, making them completely organic.

Among the best South of France holiday destinations, Chateau de Valflaunès, near Montpellier, has 13 hectares of vines that are in pretty much constant use, it’s no wonder that winemaker Fabien Rouboul has won several awards for his range of wines. Each grape is harvested manually too, and you can really taste the care and dedication in the final product! No wonder such dedication to their craft has made them a major France tourist attractions.


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