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Maldives for Honeymooners

by Holxo Travel Specialist


Here is a checklist of all those things that your partner and you will love if you're going on Maldives Honeymoon packages from India!

  • Dive and explore the clear waters of Maldives with coral reefs for an adventurous experience with your partner. Share the deepest romantic moments with the depth of these waters while snorkeling between fish, turtles and dolphins.
  • Malé is one of the most exotic places to visit on a trip to Maldives for a honeymoon with 80 beautiful islands, all with luxurious resorts especially for couples on Maldives Honeymoon to enjoy their leisure time with no one but your personal share of paradise. Malé is easily the best island to stay in Maldives for honeymoon.
  • Take a sand massage at the beach overlooking turquoise waters. Spas offer couple massages with coconut oils with a view of the shore, this surely can be relaxing!

sand massage

  • The Ithaa underwater aquarium restaurant and the Maldives Rangali Islands resort allow you to have a date underwater! The hotel can transform from a restaurant space to a romantic bedroom and also serve you champagne along with delicious breakfast in the morning. Definitely a delightful choice among all Maldives Honeymoon places!
  • An amazing submarine ride is one of the most fun things to do on your Maldives honeymoon. This adventure into the blue will show you all the residents of the Indian Ocean.
  • A bit of a cultural expedition at the national museum amidst the beautiful minarets and tombs of the ancient Friday Mosque with a breathtaking view of the grand pre-World War I palace can be a romantic privilage on Maldives Honeymoon packages from India!
  • A stroll along the sea of stars at the bio luminescent beach is one of the best things to do in Maldives as you & your partner discover nature at its best.

sea of stars

  • Maldives Honeymoon packages from India are incomplete without a ride in the floating luxury of the safari boats. Explore the little-deserted islands with your partner. Dining under the stars while the waves splash at the hull is an experience not to miss.


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