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How to Choose the Right Greek Island for Your Holiday

by Holxo Travel Specialist


Greece has managed to remain a top-tier travel destination over time. As you dwindle through the winding alleyways etched with legendary tales of the past or traverse across glorious convoluted coastlines, this antique landscape rightly reveals itself to be a land of myriad marvels. But the most beguiling charm that beckons even the most placid visitor is the cluster of marvelous islands that never fail to inspire. A few of such islands just right for Greek Island Holidays that one cannot afford to miss out on include the following:

Greek Island Holidays - Santorini

Known for: Romance and scenery


The crescent-shaped, volcanic island of Santorini boasts of captivating natural wonders. Basked in the lap of luxurious sunsets, it stands as one of the most sought-after romantic destinations for Greek Island Holidays. Perched on the edge of the magnificent Caldera, over-looking the crystal blue sea, this island is a picture-perfect getaway. The whitewashed cliff-top towns and rugged topography renders it a distinctive traditional atmosphere unlike any other.

The best way to embrace Santorini’s charm is by taking a dive into the thermal waters of the Aegean or a cruise around the historic realms of the island. For those who aren’t quite the adventure enthusiast, a leisurely stroll along the volcanic landscape or sandy beaches is rejuvenating enough at the place that occupies the top spot in the list of best places to visit in Greece in summer.


Known for: History, adventure and fun


Hailed as the largest island in Greece, Crete offers an array of endless possibilities on your Greek Island Holidays. The mystical lure of mythology etched in unfinished monuments speaks volumes of the rich history entrenched in the island. Wandering through the maze of alleys banked with beautiful Venetian mansions and age-old churches feels like a nostalgic romp through a bygone era. On the contrary, for those who are not history buffs, the natural treasures of Crete have much to offer. Teeming with serenading beaches, fertile vineyards and terraced slopes Crete is the perfect destination for Greek Island Holidays with a potent combination of natural wealth and urban settings. Every Greece travel guide is half-done unless mentioning the highlight of this island - the gastronomic culture that will keep you salivating for more.

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Known for: Culture and adventure at one of the best places to see in Greece


Imagine Greek Island Holidays resting nonchalantly on the coast of the Mediterranean is the quiet Greek town of Paros. This tiny fishing village may not be a conventional go-to destination that may top the charts, but it surely is a Cyclade that has a lot in store for every traveller. It features the native culture through typical white-washed architectural landmarks and blue-domed churches accompanied by a lustrous natural environment. But what was once a quaint island is now booming with a ubiquitously amplified atmosphere and thrilling adventure. Thus, regardless of the type of traveller you are, Paros is an eye-opener.


Known for: Serves a variety of traveller’s interests


Hailed as one of the well-preserved archaeological sites of Greece, Mykonos is a wonder with varied guises. As an abode of a seamless blend of cultures, it is favorable for the educational and cultural enthusiast. Similarly, for those who seek to explore the adventurer in you, its myriad landscapes have a variety of activities. From scuba diving, trekking, mountain-biking, waterboarding and other adrenaline-pumping activities, there’s a varied choice. But above all, for those who seek to let their hair loose and simply have a leisurely Greek Island Holidays; Mykonos is just the ticket.

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