Notes From My Journal in New York and San Francisco



Notes From My Journal in New York and San Francisco

by Sayali Goyal


A day in New York Manhattan

I walked on the high-line with hazelnut gelato I bought from Chelsea Market. It runs parallel to the Hudson River on one side and on the other side there are rows of olive and sandstone buildings, which is New York typical. I crossed the Chelsea galleries on my left and made mental notes of best places in New York I wanted to go.

The view was beautiful. I had to choose between enjoying the scene or writing. I just wanted the time to stop. I took some photos. I wanted to capture the feeling of New York in a day.

Lombardi's pizza melted in my mouth. I ordered a white pie. Food does make things better. I enjoyed the graffiti trail around little Italy.

I walked a lot today. Bleecker Street, Spring Street, Prince Street. May be if I was in New York again for just a day, I would come here again, I thought. It was just the kind of area I liked with very interesting concept shops and cafes. It had the kind of creative energy I needed. I was thinking of new ideas for personal projects. I bought myself some stationary from Bookmarc and paper source, a world map and some pens from Utreckt. I was looking forward to watch the phantom of the opera later that evening. It was a good day I thought. Of accomplishing many iconic things to do in New York.

I crossed the Latino bar and came back home. Packed the Knick-knacks with the vintage photographs of New York tourist attractions I bought from the Brooklyn flea market the other day.

A day in San Francisco 

Walking uphill downhill in San Francisco, crossing tiny boutiques and cafes, soaking the sun I started walking from Fisherman's wharf onto Jefferson Street. People were cycling alongside the beach. I got one too. It was a perfect scene, like from a children's illustrated ladybird storybook with families enjoying a picnic, some couples getting an ice cream, a lady running a dog, colored houses with painted doors . I reached peet's coffee where I dropped off my cycle, saving myself from the running dogs. I got myself a third coffee. I stopped to smell some flowers, took pictures of pretty houses. Every house seemed like I had dreamt of it before. I was fascinated by the low height balconies and small gardens each house had. As I walked up the Russian hill I saw some school kids walking from the Coit tower side. It seemed like the city had the same music every afternoon. San Francisco in a day is like creating memories of a lifetime.

Sucking on the last ice in the coffee I crossed the road towards Broadway. I saw a board of Mr Grey. I was excited for the release of 50 shades of grey later in the week. I picked up a leather- bound copy of three musketeers; I wanted to read in the Golden gate park. I sat in another cafe. This time I got green juice from seed and salt. I opened a map as I wanted to do a lot in San Francisco in a day. The gentleman sitting in front of me was curious. It was so easy to talk to a stranger. I could be who I wanted to be.

Later that evening I went for belly dancing. I moved like the sweat on the curves of my body. I was telling my imaginary friends how happy I was today. So complete and fulfilled, liberated in some ways. I enjoyed the freedom of small things. I enjoyed a chocolate frozen yogurt with chocolate toppings. At the best places in San Francisco, beauty and joy was in small things.

San Francisco is known for its hidden staircases. I took a really long one. I was panting by the time I got up. I sat to just see the view of the beautiful city. I could hear my self breathe. I was breathing San Francisco air. I walked down Chinatown to Powell Street and could hear the tram on Mission Street. From the quiet residential area I had entered the financial district. I looked on my health app. I had walked 12 kms.

I ended the day with a perfect picture of the crown of San Francisco tourist attractions, Bay Bridge. I took the 6:20 Cal train and listened to Bombay Dub. I returned browner after doing most of the things to do in San Francisco.


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