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Top 7 Things to Do in Bali During Your Honeymoon

by Holxo Travel Specialist


Your dream wedding has unfolded perfectly, and you couldn’t be happier. But all those rituals and functions have left you exhausted. Add to that the need to spend quality time with your spouse and you know you need your honeymoon to make up for it. Well, we have planned the perfect honeymoon trip to Bali for you.

Bali is an island that is mesmerizing, mysterious and calm, making it a charming destination for couples. Deep blue waters, green hills, and serene landscapes add to the romance in the air. What makes the archipelago more alluring is that there are Bali attractions for all your moods. From party hubs to secluded beaches, no matter what your idea of romance, Bali has something for everyone.

If you have splurged on your wedding and have a limited budget, here are many value-for-money Bali honeymoon packages from India. With these packages, you can stay in the best Bali resorts for couples and explore some of the best places to visit in Bali during your honeymoon. Now that we’ve got your stay and travel covered, let’s get to the top 7 unique experiences you can have during your honeymoon in Bali.

1. Magical sunsets and excursions

A half-day excursion to Taman Ayun Temple, Monkey Forest and Tanah Lot are bound and determined to rejuvenate your senses. Walking amidst these iconic marvels will transport you to the glory of the Mengwi Kingdom. This is followed by an excursion into the dense and spectacular Monkey Forest which is marked by beautiful trails and glimpses of exotic flora and fauna. The trip ends with a visit to the most beautiful sea temple - Tanah Lot Temple. It is here that the two of you can rest your feet, after visiting these spectacular Bali attractions, in the cooling sand and watch the many hues of the setting sun. Not only does it make for a picture-perfect moment but also lets you spend some quiet moments together.

Tanah Lot temple
Tanah Lot
Monkey Forest, Ubud
Monkey Forest, Ubud

2. A cruise under the stars

Bali has many glorious waterways that come alive as the night descends. You can pick any of these and opt for a Cruise Dinner Date in Bali. The cruise will add a hint of the Titanic romance to your honeymoon trip to Bali. Onboard the cruise, you are presented with a 5-course meal that combines traditional flavours of Bali with global cuisines. All this as you look upon the shimmering waters of the sea and the alluring lights of the city at a distance. While most of these cruises invite 5-7 couples, you will be given enough private space to enjoy your couple time. Live music, chic cocktails, and delicious food all enjoyed under the stars will blend together to make you fall in love all over again.

3. Spa and massages

All that travel and jet lag is going to make your muscles go sore. In Bali, you get a sublime cure in the form of couple spas and massages. You can choose from a range of spas that offer therapeutic massages to tend to your sore muscles. Both of you can take in the fragrance of aromatic oils and scented candles as you relax. Couple spas are a must during Bali trips for couples and should be experienced at least once during the entire trip.

Bali Spa
Bali Spa

4. Horseback riding in Tegallalang

Who hasn’t dreamt of a knight in shining armour riding on a sturdy horse? Well, this dream is about to come true during your Bali, Indonesia honeymoon. You can sign up for private horseback riding with your better half and ride across the beautiful fields of Tegallalang. Even if both of you are novices and have nerves, there is nothing to worry about. Trained instructors will guide you through the journey whilst also giving you your personal space. So, sign up for horseback riding as it is also one of the fun things to do on the paradisiac list of honeymoon recommendations in Bali.


5. Ubud tour

Ubud was once seen as a destination for travellers who were interested in the fresh air, healthy food and yoga. Of late, it’s grown into one of the most popular destinations in Bali. You will find endless stretches of lush paddy fields, countless waterfalls, several yoga retreats, and the famous Mount Batur.

A well-admired attraction for tourists is to go on a day trip to the rice terraces. During your visit, you will be surrounded by clear blue skies, swaying palm trees and verdant greenery - it’s absolutely breathtaking and more than postcard-worthy! If you want to explore further, you can drop by the nearby villages and meet the people who built and maintain the magnificent rice terraces.

More adventurous of the lot can trek up the active volcano - Mount Batur. During your trek, you can also view the lovely Lake Batur and the surrounding areas. Trekking up will give you a chance to see a 360-degree picturesque view of the neighbouring areas. It’s worth going on the Mount Batur sunrise trek, a two-hour trek to catch the sunrise.

6. Seek blessings from the Gods of Bali

Batuan is a quaint, mysterious and in vogue village near Ubud. You can book a private tour of the village and enjoy the many Bali attractions that can be found there. The foremost being a visit to the Batuan temple where a private blessing ceremony is conducted by the local Hindu priest. You and your beloved can experience cleansing and take back positivity through these blessings. And there really is no better way to conclude a beautiful trip then by seeking the blessings of the gods for a happy married life.

Batuan temple
Batuan temple

7. Private photography tour

Bali is an impeccable backdrop to enhance your tender romantic moments of togetherness. But with just the two of you who is going to capture these moments? There is only so much magic a selfie can help recreate. Hence opting for a Private Photography Tour is a favourable way to capture unique moments. The tour will include travelling to picturesque locations and planning the poses, angles, and outfits with a personal professional photographer. So, if you want to capture a silhouette of your walk on the beach or a romantic dinner, you can achieve it all in style. And the best part? These pictures make for some enviable Instagram moments for the world to see.

With so much to do during your Bali Indonesia Honeymoon, you will be left with no time to experience the many sights and sounds of the island. But if you do have leisure time you can also visit Uluwatu to try your hand at surfing, lounge at the shacks on the many beach resorts that line the island, explore your spiritual side by visiting places like the Sacred Monkey Forest, dine at the many wooden cruises or just unwind at a resort in Nusa Dua, where you can find one of the best Bali resorts for couples. You can also head to Jimbaran Bay, a beach town with swanky restaurants and views that will leave you spellbound. If you like to party, Seminyak is the place to be. The most popular beach town in Bali is filled with party-goers letting their hair down at many places, the most popular being Legian.

A heady blend of culture, spirituality, great food, and warm people make Bali the top destination for honeymooners. Little wonder that Bali is slowly becoming popular amongst couples from across the world for no other destination can offer what Bali does. Get your passports stamped and your flip flops packed as you head into the magical horizon of Bali. Your honeymoon in Bali will be filled with romance, love, and laughter that will strengthen your bond for eternity.


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