5 Best Day Trips From Dubrovnik Croatia



5 Best Day Trips From Dubrovnik Croatia

by Holxo Travel Specialist


While you might be fascinated by the chance to be in King’s Landing when visiting Dubrovnik Croatia, make sure to take time to explore other beautiful places around it. Here are 5 amazing day trips that you can take from Dubrovnik.


A full day trip from Dubrovnik can give you the chance to visit the tiny country of Montenegro. Located at a two-hour drive from Dubrovnik, this beautiful country is worth a visit for its scenery and for its historic towns. You can visit a fjord called Kotor Bay, the walled heritage city of Kotor and the old town of Perast, located on Kotor Bay.


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Lokrum Island

If you take a short ferry ride of 600 meters from the old town of Dubrovnik Croatia, you can visit the Island of Lokrum. Places of interest on this island are an old monastery, the French Fort Royal Castle and beautiful gardens. If you are up for some swimming, you can cliff jump into the Adriatic Sea or swim in the Salt Lake (Mrtvo More).

Lokrum Island


The region is abundant with beautiful medieval towns by the sea and Korčula is worth a visit if that is what you are looking for. Moreover, it is rumored that the Italian explorer Marco Polo was actually born in this town.

During tourist season, you can reach it via a 2.5-hour catamaran ride from Dubrovnik. Alternatively, you can even drive up there via Peljesac peninsula.



What is amazing about Dubrovnik tourism is that you can use it as a base to visit two other countries. The first one being Montenegro and the second being Bosnia and Herzegovina, to visit the old town of Mostar. This beautiful town has a mix of Catholic and Islamic (Turkish) architecture; most notable among the architecture is the Old Bridge (Stari Most). Other historic places of visit include the Mosque and the Old Bazaar.

Mostar is easily accessible as a day trip from Dubrovnik Croatia, since it is a 2.5-hour drive away.


Elafiti Islands

This is an archipelago of 13 islands, out of which 3 are inhabited and are definitely worth a visit for their quaint towns and beautiful beaches. You can access the islands by a boat ride from the port of Gruž in Dubrovnik. Koločep, Šipan and Lopud are the three inhabited islands. The beaches of these islands are a mix of sand and pebbles and are a great spot to relax. Additionally, on Koločep Island, you can visit a sea cave and the ruins of an ancient basilica. If you are interested in art, Lopud Island has a 15th century Franciscan monastery that has a church full of art.

On your next visit to Dubrovnik, try out these day trips from Dubrovnik for a fun-filled experience.


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