Angkor Thom: With its 8m walls and 100m moat, this royal city is an architectural sanctuary. This moated city holds all its important monuments at the center such as the famous Bayon temple, the Royal enclosure and the Terrace of beautifully carved elephants.

Angkor Wat: An exquisite blend of spirituality and symmetry, Angkor Wat is the heart and soul of Cambodia. It leaves you speechless, and with every visit you are rewarded with previously unnoticed details of Angkor Wat attractions making it a must-go for you and your friends.

Ha Long Bay Cruise: The Ha Long Bay is an intricately sewn collection of 3000 limestone islets floating on the emerald waters by Halong City. One of Vietnamís most ethereal attractions, Ha Long Bay offers Cruise tours and the alluring island activities.

Mekong Delta Tour: Take a boat ride on Mekong River while the lifestyle of local people unravels itself and the tour guide of the Mekong Delta River Tour talks about the history and heritage of Vietnam. Itís an intimate experience to add on to your Vietnam vacation on the water.