Disneyland & Ocean Park: You will discover why Walt Disney's enchanting Disneyland Park is the happiest place on earth during your family package tour to Hong Kong and Disneyland. Feel the adrenaline rush, during the thrilling rides and the exciting and stunning shows. 

Macau City Tour with Macau Tower: Macau Tower is a great place to start your Hong Kong and Macau tour package where you can absorb the breathtaking views while surveying the surroundings from a vantage point. Go on an intriguing Macau City Tour, and check out the Ruins of St. Paul Catholic Church, Macau museum and other must-see attractions. 

Hong Kong Victoria Peak: The Peak is the highest point on the Hong Kong Island from where you can enjoy one of the most spectacular views in the world. During daytime, admire the magnificent skyline of Hong Kong, towards evening this panoramic view melts into orange and pink hues and at night the city looks like shining diamonds. 

Symphony of Lights: As the sun sets,Hong Kong puts on a spectacularly elaborate light show highlighting the skyscrapers lining both sides of Victoria Harbor. With more than 40 skyscrapers shooting laser beams, colored lights and searchlights from their rooftops, in a wonderfully choreographed sequence synchronized to the music and a narration.