Eiffel Tower with Seine River Cruise: See the city dazzle from above the ground and from inside the Eiffel Tower, especially any time after dusk. Take a leisurely Seine river cruise with your family and see the monuments of Paris dazzling in the bright lights at night.

Disneyland: Disneyland transports you to a world of imagination that you have always fantasized to be a part of! Relive your childhood fantasies and discover the amazing world at the Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios. Enjoy the rides, thrilling experience of live shows.

La Sagrada Familia: Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia tour is sure to arouse admiration by its sheer verticality. The biblical story is depicted on the exterior in the form of intricate details that act as visual commentary.

Flamenco Show in Madrid: At Corral de la Morería, dance along with some of the country’s leading flamenco dancers. The live music, the dancing, the people and the vibrancy of the place are definitely going to leave a lasting impression in your mind.

Toledo and Segovia Day Tour: Toledo gives you the opportunity to relive history at the prominent landmarks. The Monastery of San Juan, the cathedral Marvel at the regal splendor of El Alcazar and the Gothic cathedral in Segovia will give you goose bumps to see how the people lived in the bygone days.