Though Mahabalipuram is expected to be a beach getaway, you will be surprised to witness the incredible elegance of sculpture making, which is sure to catch your attention. These are sculptures are of Hindu deities.

Pondicherry is all about personality. There is no better way to experience the French colonies, than to hire a rickshaw and wander around. Visiting Auroville is going to leave you speechless due to its sheer scale and size of the project. Spice up the romance by indulging in an evening stroll though the most charming streets of Pondicherry - rest assured, you will feel refreshed.  

Thanjavur is promised to offer you the best of Tamil Naduís temples, heritage, culture and art. Kumbakonam hosts some of the most experiential accommodations, which would surely amplify your experience.

Chettinadu is the most unique destination in the whole of South India.  Travellers can indulge in traditional cuisine served on a plantain leaf, experience a bullock cart ride or witness the process of glass making at a factory. It cannot get more experiential than this.

Madurai is a lively temple town that hosts the magnificent Meenakshi Temple. It is also home to the most delicious cuisines and the best mouthwatering street food.