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Bangalore has many well-known nicknames and all of this befits it well. It is regarded as the ‘Garden City of India’ and as the ‘Silicon Capital of India’. It is the capital city of Karnataka. A beautiful, happening, yet laidback city filled with lakes, parks, and gardens and have many places of interest here. Bangalore is known in international circuits thanks to it being the hub for IT and Technology companies. The place radiates a vibe that has to be experienced and makes for a must-visit city in India. Whatever you fancy, you will find it here. Be it a good nightlife, shopping zones, food and more.

Mysore is considered as the ‘Cultural Capital of Karnataka’ mainly because of its great art and architecture, temples and palaces, so to speak.  

Ooty is about 6000+ ft asl and is about 130kms from Mysore. This hill station was first captured and occupied by the British, and was their summer destination then. Known for its beautiful greenery, dense wildlife conservation, tremendous tea estates, attractive waterfalls, and captivating lakes and mesmerizing scenic beauty.

Kodaikanal It is about 7000+ ft asl and about 260kms from Ooty is another well-known hill station in Tamil Nadu that is sought after for its beauty and splendor. The word Kodaikanal in Tamil means ‘Gift of Forests’ it is also known as the ‘Princess of all hill stations’.Of all the main attractions, there is the famed lake, hills and loads of green to explore.

What to Expect

Bangalore - IT Capital of India / Garden City / Lush greenery / Friendly locals / Plethora of sightseeing areas / Magnificent Mysore Palace / Sights are ideal for family travellers / Fun and games at Mysore Zoo / Gorgeous view from Chamundi hills / Impressive flora and fauna at Vrindavan Gardens / Misty ooty / Relaxing time at Ooty / Serene lakesides / Most-loved hill station  

Why Is This Perfect for You

Classical South India is a classic itinerary for holiday season that has been popular for many decades and continues to be one of the most popular choice for family travellers

When to Go

Both Ooty and Kodaikanal are classic hill stations which can be visited year-round. But if you want to explore the place sans the nippy cold, it is April to June and September to November. And then the winter sets in and temperatures drop, but if you want to experience the fog and the cold, head here during winter too.  

Mysore and Bangalore wear a pleasant weather throughout the year and summers and winters are not extreme and makes for a year-round destination. 

What's Included

Stay with breakfast at Bangalore (1 night), Mysore (2 nights), Ooty (3 nights), Kodaikanal (2 nights)

Car and driver for the entire trip for transfers and sightseeing

Sightseeing options

Mysore - Mysore Palace, Vrindavan Gardens, Srinrangapatnam, Chamundi Hills, Somnathpura Temples

Ooty - Botanical Garden, View Points, Kalahatty Waterfalls, Ooty Lake (Boating)

Kodaikanal - Kodaikanal Lake (Boating), Coakers Walk, View Points

Exclusions -

Boating charges in Ooty and Kodai

Lunch and Dinner