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Maharashtra, which is also known as ‘City of wrestlers’has amazing roads and hence your journey between temples is most likely to be smooth and excellent especially through the countryside which is great for photographs as well.

Ashtavinayak Temples is situated in Maharashtra. It is a very famous regional pilgrimage destination in Western India that are Swayambhu which means that they have self-originated. Ashtavinayak literally translates to ‘8 Ganeshas’. Out of the 8 temples, 6 of the Ashtavinayak Temples are in Pune district.

Every one of the Ashtavinayak Temples, have a story and significance of their own and is usually flocked by localites and pilgrims from all over India. The temples are open early in the morning and stay open till late evenings, with plenty of time to see the deity or get a darshan which is great for pilgrims and tourists who comes from all over. 

What to Expect

Beautiful city of Mumbai/ City of wrestlers/ Lovely scenic roads to the temples/ Peaceful city of Pune/ Incredible Ashtavinayak Temples/ Historical Swayambhu Ganesh temple/ Magical Varad Vinayak Temple/ Pious Mahad temple/ Spectacular Ballareshwar, Chintamani and Theur Temples/ Grand Moreshwar and Siddhivinayak Temples/ Enchanting Morgaon, Siddhtek and Mahaganapati Temples/ Charismatic Ranjangaon, Girijatmaj, Lenyadri and Vigneshwara Ozar Temples

Why Is This Perfect for You

Ashtavinayak Pilgrim Getaway is an all year round driving trip for pilgrim travellers to visit a set of 8 self incarnated Lord Ganesha Temples, known as Ashtavinayak Temples, popular as a regional pilgrimage circuit for senior traveller groups.

When to Go

Ashtavinayak trip is a pilgrimage trip that can be taken all through the year. However, June to March is a great time for an Ashtavinayak trip since the weather is pleasant and welcoming.

What's Included

2 nights stay at Pune with breakfast

Car with Driver for the entire trip for visiting 8 Lord Ganesha temples popularly known as Ashtavinayak - Varad Vinayak Mahad, Ballareshwar Pali, Chitamani Theur, Moreshwar Morgaon, Siddhivinayak Siddhtek, Mahaganapati Ranjangaon, Girjatmat Lenyadri, Vigneshwara Ozar

Exclusions -

Lunch and Dinner