Kabini is a destination structured around the Kabini Reservoir and the Rajiv Gandhi National Park.  It offers the most splendid experience with jeep safaris and boat rides to witness wildlife at a close.  Travellers have an opportunity to sight leopards, tigers, panthers, and elephants. The area is home to 200+ species of birds and is perfected to offer unbeatable wildlife experience for travellers.

Along with the jeep safaris, Kabini also offers jungle lodges, coracle rides, boat rides, and wildlife sightings. Leopards can be easily spotted perched of trees and at the reservoir making Kabini the easiest place to spot wildlife in India. They are also home to a good healthy population of tigers.

Among the 200+ species of birds, Kabini hosts the critically endangered oriental white-backed vulture, along with the spotted eagle and the Nilgiri wood pigeon.

Jungle lodges are usually along the river acknowledged to give you a great wildlife experience to help you relax and rejuvenate. Travellers flee to sport large herds of elephants at the Kabini Reservoir as the other waterholes tend to dry up during summer.