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Multiple entry Schenghen visas allow you to stay upto 90 days within a period of 6 months, with a processing time of 15 business days.
When to Go
High tourist season is in July and August, with pleasant temperatures.
Currency Exchange
Euro (Euro), 1 Euro = Rs. 77.39

Top Cities

Ghent can be described as having a unique blend of contemporaneity and medievalism. Contemporary through its growing ports, research companies, its ultra-modern transportation system, the world renown Ghent university, and its very own open-minded, loving and free-thinking citizens. Its medievaltouch comes from the art and the architecture that shaped this Belgian city into an artistic preserve. Its status as one of the wealthiest European cities in the medieval ages gave rise to this splendid infrastructural artistry that wraps the whole city with its rustic charm. A city of immeasurable beauty, acity of comfort and convenience is what youíll experience when in Ghent.

This city is overlooked by many travelers for the sheer fact that they are unaware of its brilliance. Brussels features one of the best scenic cities with adorable little towns to picturesque architecture along the lake. The city is ideal for those wanting a slow paced holiday, to relax and let life pass by you. Brussels authentic and charming countryside can be experienced by a short train journey, enhancing your European experience even further. It offers a great coffee culture along with fabulous designers and charming boutiques. Brussels is also home to many world-famous cartoons like Tin-Tin. The city hosts the most marvelous Christmas markets, turning the city into a winterís wonderland, only to make you feel light and merry. They serve the most delicious Belgian waffles, soothing beer and the most savory frites (fries) in the world. If waffles, beer, and fries arenít a reason to visit Brussels, then we donít know what is. No, we do! The place itself!

Nothing does ďold world charmĒ as well as Europe does and this is not a fact that is little known. When planning a European holiday, you're left wondering where you can see some of the most picturesque landmarks that will satisfy needs. If youíre dreaming of cobbled stone alleyways, quaint and beautifully constructed almshouses, dreamy canals, historic churches, or the gold and ivory daffodil coated countrysideís then think big and go to Bruges. Bruges isn't exactly what you'd call Europe's best kept secret, there are tourists galore. But Bruges is a place heavy on sightseeing and itís definitely a joy. This is one place where you can ride your bike along the dreamy canal, munch on some delicious seafood, wash it down with some of the best beer in the world, relish delicious chocolate and set sights on a Michelangelo and all this not beyond 300 meters from the famous bell tower that rings ever so often. Itís something youíve got to experience and give yourself up to Bruges.


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